How to Cure and Prevent Persistent Heartburn

Heartburn is usually caused by foods that cannot be easily digested and/or some precondition such as ulcers and other illness that can trigger the discomfort. Persistent heartburn can be very painful and even if it is not fatal, you can end up in the emergency room if you are slow to act as soon as the symptoms appear.

The Symptoms of Heartburn

The most common symptom of heartburn is an ache in the chest accompanied by stomach pain. The sensations of vomiting, which can even be accompanied by headaches in the case of persistent heartburn, are common as well.

Many confuse persistent heartburn with a heart attack and end up in the emergency room for a check up, which is not bad should you have the doubt that you are having a heart attack. However, with a little understanding of how heartburn occurs and how you can prevent it, can bring you comfort, peace and a lot less hassle.

Preventing Heartburns

You can prevent and deal with almost any persistent heartburn if you take the pain to understand which types of food causes them in the first place. When you encounter heartburn, it is suggested you make a mental (or written if necessary) note of the food item that produced it. The next time you are about to have the same food you can prevent it by taking medication before you start eating.

By taking heartburn and indigestion medications before you start eating a hard to digest food you empower you system with the necessary equipment to deal with the situation and therefore not cause you discomfort in the process. Usually those that have persistent heartburn take these medications half an hour before a heavy meal to avoid discomfort.

Another way to effectively combat heartburns and indigestion is to eat in small quantities. However, if you are sensitive or have other medical predispositions, which will anyway give you persistent heartburn, no matter how sensibly you eat, you should always have the necessary medications to prevent it before hand.

A Helpful Tip

Heartburn and indigestion medications can be purchased over the counter as no prescription is required. However, if you suffer from persistent heartburn you may want to mention it to your doctor as there may be other medical factors that can trigger it and which can be avoided or treated by other means.