Heartburn Treatment Available Over The Counter

Living with that burning sensation in your chest or the taste of acid in your throat doesn't have to last as there are numerous heartburn treatment options available. While all treatments won't work for all people, if an over-the-counter heartburn treatment doesn't help, a physician can prescribe one that will.

Heartburn occurs when stomach acids, hydrochloric acid and pepsin, seep into the esophagus from the stomach. The sensitive lining of the esophagus is not intended to be exposed to these acids and resultant burning sensation is notice that a heartburn treatment is needed.

Several heartburn treatment methods exist for light, occasional bouts of heartburn, which usually occur shortly after eating or drinking and these antacids go to work immediately to dilute the acid in the stomach offering immediate relief. They are sold under a variety of brand names as well as generic equivalents and are meant for short-term use only.

Stronger Drugs for More Severe Bouts

Other heartburn treatment methods attack the acid production itself with some H2 lockers which instruct your stomach how much acid to produce. By reducing the amount of acid in your stomach, it reduces the chances of it being transferred into your esophagus. These products, unfortunately, can take up to an hour or more to begin to work. By taking them about an hour before eating, especially is you're planning to consume a spicy meal, it can usually prevent heartburn from occurring.

Proton pump inhibitors are for use with more severe and frequent attacks of heartburn and are usually directed to be taken once a day for not more than two weeks unless prescribed by a physician. This form of heartburn treatment actually stops the production of stomach acid, except for a small amount needed for proper digesting of food.

One of the downsides of proton pump inhibitors as a heartburn treatment is they may reduce the level of acid to a point where not digestion is hindered, but acid also kills germs and bacteria ingested and removing all acid may allows the bacteria to get into the rest of your digestive track.

With all methods of heartburn treatment, especially if you take other prescription medication, you should consult with your pharmacist or physician for potential dangerous drug interactions. Many of the medications used as a heartburn treatment may negatively affect the effectiveness of other medications or the heartburn treatment will not work at all.