Heartburn Remedies that Actually Help

Heartburn is rarely serious, but it can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful at times. If you suffer from chronic heartburn, the ongoing discomfort can be very difficult to cope with. That is why heartburn remedies are so actively sought by heartburn sufferers. The good news is that there is a long list of potential remedies you can try if you suffer from this problem, and chances are that you will eventually find a therapy that will work on your heartburn.

It is important to be methodical when going through your various heartburn remedy possibilities. You can start with various lifestyle changes, and work your way through potential dietary modifications. Finally, there are over the counter heartburn remedies that you can take if diet and lifestyle changes do not suffice.

To Find a Heartburn Remedy, You Must Pinpoint the Cause

There are a number of factors that can contribute to heartburn issues. Some of the lifestyle possibilities to consider include eating large meals or eating too close to bedtime. The obvious remedy for these heartburn contributors is to switch to smaller, frequent meals and make sure your last meal is more than three hours before bedtime. If you are a smoker suffering from chronic heartburn, quitting smoking might be an effective heartburn remedy. Avoid tight-fitting clothing, and raise the head of your bed at least six inches so that you are not sleeping in a flat position at night.

Diet changes can also be a significant heartburn remedy. For example, avoiding caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, citrus fruits and tomato products can all alleviate your heartburn problem. If none of these dietary changes seem effective, you can keep a food journal for a few days to see if you can discover precisely which foods are contributing to your problem.

Other Heartburn Remedies to Try

If lifestyle and dietary changes are not enough to remedy your heartburn ailment, you may need to move on to medication. Over the counter antacids are effective for many people, and can safely be taken fairly regularly once you have consulted with a doctor. If the antacids are not even sufficient, your doctor can give you a prescription for a heartburn remedy that should alleviate even the most stubborn of heartburn symptoms.

Heartburn can be a tough and uncomfortable problem to overcome. Fortunately there is a long list of potential heartburn remedies to help you find relief.