How to Prevent Heartburn and Indigestion

Food is the main entertainment at most parties or celebrations, the reason for some gatherings and the only enjoyment of others. However, there are many times soon after a great meal that you don't really feel that great anymore and it has nothing to do with the host but just that you may be experiencing severe heartburn and indigestion.

Prevent the Discomfort Before it Occurs

Heartburn and indigestion is caused mainly by hard to digest foods such as fried items, rich dressings (yes, even a salad can cause heartburn) and even those delightful desserts. Anything that is rich in saturated fats is hard to digest and thus can cause heartburn.

It is not hard to determine which foods will cause heartburn and indigestion however, it is hard to keep away from them most of the time - therefore, you must be armed to combat the discomfort even before it sets in. With today's technology you are actually able to do that. There are many medications that are available over the counter (without prescription), which will help you prevent heartburn and indigestion even before it has a chance to occur.

Avoiding the foods that cause heartburn and indigestion is another way to stay away from the discomfort but that is not really a solution as most of us enjoy some types of foods more than the others and giving them up entirely will make us unhappy.

The most common signs of heartburn and indigestion are discomfort at the heart level (therefore the name, heartburn) such as aches and stomach pains as well. Nausea and headaches are yet another common symptom that your stomach is having difficulty digesting the food.

Helpful Tips

Carefully read the indications of the heartburn and indigestion medication before you take it; even if it is available over the counter there are specific quantities you should not cross. Usually such medications will take between 10-15 minutes to show any effect or as otherwise indicated on the package.

Continue to enjoy the foods you like but eat sensibly and in small quantities; this will help greatly with the heartburn and indigestion. Food is a pleasure we all share but which can also create a lot of health issues that in turn can be fatal in the long run.

Enjoy food as you always have, but be conscious of what you should eat and most importantly how much of it you can eat to stay healthy in the short and long term.