Clarity of Sound: Widex Hearing Aid Repair

When looking for a top of the line digital hearing aid, the Widex hearing aid is one of the best. Although it costs more at the outset, the quality of sound offered by these hearing aids is primo, and the digital hearing aid repair, when needed, is not any more than other brands. Widex hearing aid repairs are able to be done in most hearing aid repair shops that work on digital hearing aids.

Widex hearing aids come in a variety of models such as AIKIA, which fits behind the ear and is especially beneficial for being able to distinguish different voices when there is a crowd of people or a lot of background noise. These models can run close to thirty-eight hundred dollars, depending on the model. The Elan hearing aid is a little less expensive, costing around twenty-seven hundred dollars, while the Senso Vita is only twenty-one hundred dollars, being for those that have less of a hearing loss. The Senso Vita provides the ability for the hearing aid to be completely in the ear canal so that it is not visible, thus being more aesthetically pleasing. There are others that are both in the canal and behind the ear.


Widex hearing aid repair can cost between one to two hundred dollars, depending on the work that is needed. This is about average for hearing aid repair no matter what the model. Most Widex hearing aid repair will come with a one year warrantee for the work that was done, however, the individual should check with the hearing aid repair shop to see what they policy is on repair warrantees. While getting the Widex hearing aid repaired, individuals can often go to their audiologist for a loaner hearing aid so that they can still go about their daily functions while waiting for the repairs to be made, since average repair time is from five to fifteen days.

Widex hearing aid repairs can have to do with readjusting the levels of the hearing aid because the individual's hearing loss has increased. If this is the case, the individual must go to his audiologist to get tested and then bring the results to have the Widex hearing aid repaired by being reprogrammed. Other repairs can have to do with wax build up on the microphone or battery issues. Sometimes the hearing aid will get a static sound or a buzzing sound which will have to be corrected in addition to volume control issues that are irritating to the user.