State of the Art Resound Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aid costs can be quite outstanding at the outset, running from almost one thousand dollars to almost four thousand dollars depending on the brand of hearing aid. Resound hearing aids are fairly average in pricing but they offer some state of the art features that other hearing aids do not have. The Azure model of Resound hearing aids is the top of the line model and costs about thirty-seven hundred dollars when it is not on sale. This model has features like a modified use for the use with Bluetooth wireless technology which other hearing aids do not have but is important in today's fast paced, communication intensive world. In addition, this communication is feedback free, as compared to other models in which there is static and buzzing when used with the Bluetooth headset.

When there is a need for Resound hearing aid repair, there are solid warrantees that come with each of the models. The Azure model has a three year Resound hearing aid repair policy as well as a three year loss policy, which is the most that is offered by hearing aid manufacturers. For the less expensive models, the Resound hearing aid repair warrantee is for two years, with a two year loss warrantee as well. This is a standard warrantee for hearing aids in the market today, with some not even giving more than a one year, one time loss warrantee.

Standard Repairs

Resound hearing aid repairs can be done in most hearing aid repair shops without having to send the hearing aid back to the manufacturer or to go to a specialty repair shop as has to be done with the Beltone hearing aid repairs, often causing frustration for the users. Resound hearing aid repairs can usually be completed in five to fifteen days, with loaner devices that are usually available for use during the interim so that the individual can still go about work and other day to day activities.

Resound hearing aid repairs sometimes have to do with the casing or shell of the hearing aid. Cracks have to be repaired as well as the doors to the battery cabinet which break with high use. In addition, the connection to the battery can become corroded and need cleaning, as well as the microphone which can become dirty with ear wax and inhibit use, requiring Resound hearing aid repair. There are also adjustments that have to be made to the volume control and there can be issues with static and buzzing which need to be adjusted.