Lightweight and Effective: Phonak Hearing Aid Repair

Whether the brand is Phonak or Widex, hearing aid repair is going to be an issue at some point in the life of the hearing aid. Since an individual's hearing tends to shift and change over time, often the repairs are a readjustment of the digital programming in the hearing aid, if it is a digital model like Phonak. When an individual buys a Phonak hearing aid, he is making a substantial investment in a quality hearing aid, normally running over two thousand dollars for the hearing aid. However, this hearing aid normally comes with a standard three year warrantee for repair as well as any loss or damage to the hearing aid, thus covering Phonak hearing aid repair for those three years no matter what the issue is.

What Are They Like?

Phonak hearing aids are some of the smallest on the market of digital hearing aids. There are some types of Phonak hearing aids that fit totally inside of the ear canal so that it cannot be seen outside of the ear at all. This makes it a great solution for those who are self conscious about being seen wearing a hearing aid. In addition, the models that do require the hearing aid to be placed behind the ear are also very moldable to the ear so that they are not easily seen and can be hidden in the hair. The first type is used for those with mild to moderate hearing loss while the behind the ear model is used for all types of hearing loss including hearing loss that is more severe.

There are common problems that occur requiring Phonak hearing aid repair. One of the most common is that wax tends to build up in the microphone which prevents the wearer from hearing as clearly. In addition, there might be a problem with hearing aid feedback so that it is uncomfortable for the wearer, hearing a feedback similar to what an audience might hear when a microphone has feedback, a high screeching sound. In addition, Phonak hearing aid repair may also require that the thin tubing that is used in the ear canal be replaced due to wear. Phonak hearing aid repair may also have to do with the battery of the hearing aid, with the wearer finding that the battery drains too quickly or that the battery is becoming corroded around it. The door to the battery compartment may also become cracked or broken in some way and require repair.