Hearing Aid Technology: Regaining Your Hearing Ability

Many people who have been exposed to a lot of noise pollution lose their hearing at a young age. According to experts, people who work in noisy environments often show signs of deafness even as early as their 30's. Fortunately, people who have hearing problems can now easy regain their hearing ability with the help of advanced hearing aid technology. No, they may not regain 100 percent of their ability to hear even with the use of some state of the art hearing aid technology but the good news is that with the help of new hearing aid technology, these people may not lead normal lives.

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Over the years, hearing aid technology has improved considerably. Things have changed a lot since the time Harvey Fletcher invented the body worn hearing aid technology while working at Bells Laboratories. During the time of Fletcher, the body worn hearing aids were the size of a pack of playing cards. This bulky hearing aid technology contains an ear mold, a cord and an amplification pact. To use it, you need to put on the ear mold with a cable attached to it on your ear. The amplification system which happens to be the size of a pack of cards is worm on a belt or stuffed in the pocket. Yes, this hearing aid technology is not only bulky, it is also unsightly. Fortunately, things have improved a lot over the years. Very few people around the world now use the body worn hearing aid developed by Harvey Fletcher. In fact, this type of contraption is no longer being produced by manufactures. Taking its place is the new behind the ear (BTE) instruments which are small enough to be almost imperceptible to the less observant people.

Are BTEs more effective than the body worn hearing aids? BTEs are definitely more effective than body word hearing aids. Studies show that BTEs can be used even by people who have profound hearing problems. What is more interesting about this hearing aid technology is that it gets better and better. At present, there are now BTEs that use thin hair like tubes to help you hear. Since these tubes are very thin, they are almost invisible to the naked eye. People who do not like to be seen wearing hearing aids prefer to use this contraption because they are almost imperceptible. BTEs also come in difference colors and style to suit the needs of fashionable people who have hearing problems.