What to Expect with Hearing Aid Repair

Since hearing aids are such essential parts of a wearer's life it is important that they are in good condition at all times so that they can effectively do their jobs for that individual rather than causing frustration and discomfort for various reasons. Hearing aid repairs are required from time to time since hearing aids are complex units, having electrical components, mechanical components as well as the packaging that allows the device to sit comfortable on and in the ear.

In the Shop

Whether the repair is a Phonak hearing aid repair or some other brand, there are certain things that a user must know before entering it into the shop for repair. One issue is whether the hearing aid is still under warrantee or not. If it is under warrantee, the manufacturer sometimes requires that the hearing aid be repaired by the manufacturing company or by a repair shop that is certified to work on that type of hearing aid in order for the repair to be valid and paid for under the warrantee.

In addition, the hearing aid repair may actually be an adjustment that is needed due to changes in the person's hearing rather than a fault in the hearing aid. If this is the case, then the person needs to go to their audiologist to get his or her hearing tested and then make the decision about what is needed for the hearing aid. In some cases, the hearing aid repair would require a total redesign, whereas with digital hearing aids, they can be reprogrammed to the new specifications based on the person's hearing.

With some hearing aid repairs, they may be covered under an extended warrantee that the person bought to supplement the manufacturer's warrantee. These warrantees usually cover more damage to and even loss of the hearing aid, which can be of great benefit to the individual, since hearing aids typically cost over one thousand dollars and some over two thousand dollars.

When the hearing aids are in repair, individuals are usually without their aids for at least a week and in some cases, two weeks. Since this is a huge issue for the person in need of the hearing aid repair, audiologists will often have hearing aids that can be loaned out during the duration of the repair process. This allows the individual to go about her day to day business without being inhibited by the hearing loss and lack of her normal hearing aids.