Digital Hearing Aids Are In, Analog Hearing Aids Are Out

Gone are the days when people only used analog hearing aids because the benefits of using digital hearing aids are so many that nobody bothers using the now outdated analog aids anymore. In fact, there are an estimated twenty-two manufacturers of digital hearing aids that are providing safe, reliable as well as high-quality hearing aids with even better ones being planned for the future. It will not be long before the market sees the introduction of fourth as well as fifth generation of these digital aids.

First Introduced In 1987

The year 1987 saw the introduction of the digital hearing aids and at that time there were just two manufacturers of these hearing aids that also used up significant amounts of energy and consumers that had been using analog hearing aids were loathe to try something new and so the initial response to digital hearing aids was only lukewarm. However, manufacturers of such hearing aids persevered and introduced better options with higher quality sound and this had the effect of winning over more customers.

Now-a-days, it is hard to imagine why people did not immediately take to using digital hearing aids. Old habits die hard - but, everyone today has in fact made the switch to these digital masterpieces. Modern digital hearing aids are smaller in size as well as have better functionality and almost every audiologist now recommends these types of hearing aids to their customers.

You can choose from different types of digital hearing aids including behind-the-ear as well as inside-the-ear models and though you will end up paying more for such models you will nevertheless get better quality sound and in addition you are also assured of getting value for your money.

Digital hearing aids work pretty much the same as did the analog hearing aids and it is in fact not possible to separate the functioning of one from the other. Digital technology however means that sound waves are captured not as analog signals but are converted to numbers that provide more accuracy. It is in fact the superiority of digital technology that helps make digital hearing aids better than analog hearing aids.

When it comes to choosing the better digital hearing aids you should first check Phonak digital hearing aids which are made by a Swedish company that holds as many as fifteen percent of the American market for hearing aids. The company provides a huge selection of digital hearing aids as well as accessories to go with their products and a special feature to their hearing aids is the use of sensors that can automatically make adjustments to sound based on the environment in which the wearer is trying to hear sounds.