Are The Best CIC Hearing Aids For You?

The best CIC hearing aids are very attractive to many people as they are the smallest hearing aid on the market. If you feel self conscious about wearing a hearing aid then this would be the best option. It is practically invisible to the casual observer and is a great solution for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

However even the best CIC hearing aids are not suitable for everyone out there. This is largely due to their size, the thing that makes them so attractive in the first place. If you have dexterity problems then this is probably not the hearing aid for you.

Why Use Them?

One of the reasons as stated earlier that the best CIC hearing aids are so popular is that you can be sure that they will not be noticeable. The discreet placement and size means that you don't have to worry about anyone seeing your hearing aid.

Because the best CIC hearing aids are placed so closely to the ear it is naturally able to give you a better sound boost than other hearing aids. The placement of the best CIC hearing aids also mimics natural sound reception as it is placed inside the ear canal. This will help to make it seem like you are hearing perfectly normally.

Think Twice

Hearing aid repair for this kind of hearing can be slightly difficult to carry out and more expensive due to the size. They also have a higher repair rate, so keep this in mind when deciding to use this kind of hearing aid.

This kind of hearing aid is not recommended for children as it needs to be custom made and the size of a child's ear is constantly changing. It may also prove to be uncomfortable for younger children so this type of hearing aid is best reserved for someone older.

There is more feedback even with the best CIC hearing aids; there is also no option for volume control with this kind of hearing aid. There are some models that come with a very small screw set volume control. So be careful when you choose this if you like to control the volume on your hearing aid.

Anyone with severe or profound hearing loss would not benefit from even the best CIC hearing aids. Check if you are a good candidate for this kind of hearing aid before making a purchase, these hearing aids are usually more expensive.