Specialized Experience: Beltone Hearing Aid Repair

Beltone hearing aid repair usually requires that an individual go to a Beltone hearing aid repair shop rather than a more generalized hearing aid repair shop. Unlike Resound hearing aid repair which can be done at these generalized shops, the Beltone hearing aid repairs normally cannot be done there and have to be sent back to the manufacturer or taken in to a Beltone hearing aid repair store. This can be both good and bad, depending on how it is viewed. It can be a good thing because the Beltone hearing aid repair store is specialized in the Beltone hearing aids and are more likely to provide highly qualified service for the product. On the other hand, it can be frustrating to users to have to go to one specific shop or to have to mail in the hearing aid for repair since it can take additional time that the individual usually does not have, being inhibited without the hearing aid.

Types of Repairs

There are several things that may have to be repaired on a Beltone hearing aid, depending on the style of hearing aid that is bought. There are some Beltone hearing aids that fit completely in the ear canal so that all components fit neatly in the ear and are not easily visible to other people. Other styles have a piece that fits into the ear while the main components of the hearing aid fits behind the ear, custom fitted for comfort for each individual. In addition, Beltone hearing aids are digital, so that each hearing aid is programmed according to each individual's needs.

Since individual's hearing changes over time, usually requiring additional help with hearing more clearly, there are times when the Beltone hearing aid repair would require that the individual see the Beltone audiologist for a screening so that the digital programming can be readjusted to the new need. There are also times when the hearing aid will give a screeching feedback at certain sound levels and will have to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, static and buzzing can be an issue that Beltone hearing aid repair can quickly fix.

In some cases, there will be a wax buildup that occurs around the microphone so that sounds are not detected as clearly, so the Beltone hearing aid repair will require that it be cleaned. In addition, batteries sometimes cause corrosion that will need to be cleaned for full power to be received by the hearing aid from the battery.