Getting Affordable Health Care Is A Major Issue

The rising costs of health care are making many people feel nervous and in fact with no lessening in terms of high costs on the horizon, finding affordable health care has become a major issue that is being hotly debated even in the upcoming US Presidential elections. There are several reasons why the costs of health care are so high though it may be wrong to assume that it is treatment costs that are the major issue. Though costs of getting treated are high they are not the only reason why health care has become so expensive.

Drug Manufacturers

A major reason why health care costs are so high is that drug manufacturers are charging too much for the drugs they sell to you. The fact of the matter is that when you go out to buy branded drugs you will end up paying a higher cost and it would in fact be a better option for you to buy generic drugs that provide comparable effects and at a lower cost.

Drug manufacturers are now promoting their latest drugs directly to buyers, which thanks to the heavy doses of advertising, starts to make consumers want to purchase those drugs which are why they go straight to their doctors and ask to be prescribed these 'wonder' drugs. Unfortunately, these consumers do not realize that drug manufacturers are simply repackaging their old drugs and selling them off as new as well as improved drugs when in fact there is hardly any difference between the old drugs and the new ones.

Profit is the main reason why drug manufacturers are resorting to such tactics which is not good news for patients who are now paying more for health care while not getting appreciable benefits in the bargain. In fact, a drug manufacturing company that has not been able to come up with a new drug can expect its bottom line to take a hit and so they have little option but to resort to gimmicks such as repackaging old drugs in the form of new drugs in order to sustain their profitability.

The answer as far as more affordable health care is concerned lies in learning to use generic drugs. In fact, with the present neglected state of health care in the US (which is more preoccupied with foreign affairs) home health care too has become a major cause for concern to most Americans. As a matter of fact, America is also a country where the general populace is aging and this in turn means that there is a pressing need to provide proper solutions for seniors. The results of the forthcoming US Presidential elections will certainly determine which direction American health care will head in.