A Few Good Wireless TV Headsets

A wireless TV headset like the TV Listener allows the user to turn the TV volume down as well accentuate the headphone volume up and watch TV without disturbing others. Besides working on TVs it also is handy for stereos, computers as well as other sound systems. With this wireless TV headset one may watch movies or videos secure in the knowledge that one is not disturbing others around you and they, in turn may listen to music or play video games without disturbing you.

Being a wireless TV headset, it allows the user to move about freely and one is not tied to the device and such a wireless TV headset is perfect for TV, VCR, stereo and computer and it is also useful for those who may have mild hearing loss as well as for exercising to TV or music. In addition, it is useful for watching late night TV as well for home schoolers who may view educational videos or CDs.

How Does the Wireless TV Headset Work?

There is a small transmitter that converts the sound into infrared light and the room is filled with such infrared lights which are the same as on the TV's remote and the headset then converts back the light into high fidelity sound which is fed into the listener's ears. To gather sound in the transmitter one can attach a small microphone over the speakers or one may plug a cable into the 'audio out' socket. The wireless TV headset has its own volume control that can be set to levels that are different from that of the TV and this infrared system gives out a clean sound that is not subject to interference from radio frequencies.

Another wireless TV headset is TV Ears which is an extra powerful TV listening system that has a built-in voice enhancer that is useful in catching each and every word without disturbing others. It has clarity of sound and is ideally suited for those with mild to severe hearing loss problems and its key feature is the voice-enhancement technology used that raises even the faintest of sounds to above the program's background sounds to make the words stand out.

In addition, it has powerful amplification and extremely low distortion that gives clarity of sound even when the volume is turned up. It also has tone and balance controls to help customize the output to personal hearing tastes and with automatic volume control; it reduces annoying bursts in volume.