Logitech's USB Headset is the Ultimate Plug and Play Headset

A premium USB headset that one might want to purchase is the Logitech Premium USB headset 350 which is Logitech's top of the line product that has been designed to give premium audio incidence. It comes with plush ear pads as well as a quality headband that enables the user to listen to music, conversations as well as games in complete comfort. The plug-and-play USB connection as well as soft-touch in-line volume as well as mute controls give the user a convenient as well as simple experience. Its noise-canceling microphone helps to filter out all those unwanted background noises and makes for an improved performance. There is also a boom that can be moved up and out of the way when one wants to simply use the headphones.

The headphones themselves use a 40mm driver that has powerful neodymium magnets that give it strength as well as lightness in weight. The drivers are housed in a cup enclosure that cover the whole ear and thus produce better bass. The adjustable headband holds the head firmly and the enclosure has a plush earpad cushion that is attached to the headband. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this USB headset is the simplicity of the system as a whole which does not require any software for installing it. One may simply plug the unit into a USB port and Windows will take over and this USB product can simply be classified as an ultimate plug & play product. This USB headset is ideal for multiplayer gaming, VoIP or for simply listening to music and it retails for less than $50.

Plantronics USB headsets

Another well known name one may have heard of when purchasing a USB headset is that of Plantronics which has a range of products that are ideal for gaming, music, internet talk, video conferencing as well as voice applications. Plantronics USB headsets are digitally enhanced having advanced features and are ideal for use for multimedia applications like games, CDs, MP3, speech recognition as well as voice applications.

The Plantronics USB headsets are known to give digital clarity as well as Plantronics comfort and one may need to simply plug one end of the Plantronics equipment directly into the computer's USB port and connect the other end to the Plantronics headset to get the best of sound and with features such as echo suppression and call clarity the audio is of excellent quality even for VoIP softphone applications.