The Smallest Bluetooth Headset from Bluespoon Weighs Only Five Grams!

According to some, small is the new big and that was once evident in the Mini Cooper and is now taking over the Bluetooth headset segment what with Bluespoon that are already making the smallest Bluetooth headsets that are available outdoing themselves with a new model that is to be released soon. Bluespoon is about to release their 5G model which does not mean fifth generation as one may assume but refers instead to five grams. Yes, that is five grams as in weight and when this model is released it will undoubtedly be the smallest Bluetooth headset as well as being the lightest.

Of course, one would realize that one has to sacrifice something (and, that is the battery life) for the small size but the headset is in itself fairly comfortable to wear as well as being cool and can be shown off to good effect. One would of course, also need to take good care of it as it would be easy to lose as well and one would hope that it would not be too high priced so as to make it a most sought after item.

The Nextlink Smallest Bluetooth Headset

Nextlink is another favorite in the smallest Bluetooth headset category with a weight that was less than half of what the prior Bluespoons weighed and is sure to attract many buyers. This product has had a fair amount of technical expertise going into its making especially when one considers that the older Bluespoons were considered to be the lightest and smallest Bluetooth headsets available.

Nextlink Bluespoon Ax2 Ultra Small Wireless Bluetooth Headset

One finds that this smallest Bluetooth headset is exactly up to mark and has small dimensions as well weighs in at just 0.3 ounces and is the second smallest BT handset currently available. It contains two soft rubber ear tips, USB charging cable and a rechargeable Li-Ion coin cell battery. To carry it, one can use the neck carrying strap and a user guide provides all the necessary operating instructions. The neck strap could be worn in order to have the AX2 handy and is especially desirable for those who do not wish to have the headset inserted in their ears.

This smallest Bluetooth headset is much smaller than one would expect to find and this earpiece is so unobtrusive that many would not even notice that it is being worn at all. The body of the headset is made of matte black plastic that is solid to the feel in spite of its small size.