Good Intelligibility with Noise Canceling Features are a Must When it Comes to a Pilot Headset

The Pilot PA11-60 mono/stereo headset is ideally suited for pilots and has advanced features such as textured ear cups, PA-7 electret noise canceling microphone, metal as well as flex microphone boom, PA-130 liquid and foam ear seals, to name a few. It also has nickel-plated plugs and dual detent volume controls as well as knurled adjustable knobs that are placed on the headband.

This pilot headset also includes an air-foam head-pad cushion as well as comes with a three year unconditional factory warranty and retails for approximately one hundred and ten dollars. Another pilot headset is the Pilot PA17-70 DNC XL that is a headset having 25dB passive as well as 18-22dB active noise reduction. This pilot headset is fitted with a NiMH rechargeable battery that provides the user with thirty-five to fifty hours of use on a full charge and it also comes with a wall charger that also has a LED light and there is also a communication cord as well. This is an expensive pilot headset that retails for fewer than four hundred and seventy dollars.

The Pilot PA 11-40 Pilot Headset

This pilot headset includes the PA7 electret microphone as well as the PA 10 microphone windscreen and PA 100 liquid ear-seals. It also has an air-foam cushioned head-pad along with molded brass mil-spec plugs and a low-profile detent volume control. To amplify sound, it comes with a metal-flex sliding mic boom and ratcheting mic boom adjustment and also contains hand adjustable knobs. This product has a three year unconditional warranty and there are also special headsets available for helicopter pilots and a stereo unit is also available.

There is also the Pilot PA-1160XLT headset that is extremely light in weight and offers outstanding performance as well as is comfortable to wear and provides the user with amazing passive as well as active noise attenuation. In addition, the Pilot DNC system enables noise canceling at low frequencies and is far superior to any other pilot headsets that may be available on the market today.

This noise canceling feature is combined with Enhanced Voice Intelligibility (EVI) circuitry to provide clean, crisp and clear sound. The unique combination of noise canceling as well as speech enhancement provides significantly improved intelligibility and the set retails for approximately one hundred and fifty-five dollars. Also, there is the Pilot PA-1779 DNC XL that was originally designed for use by the military but has found use in aviation as well and is positioned as the front running ANR headset for the consumer who seeks quality products and the retail price of this pilot headset is four hundred and fifty dollars.