Noise Canceling Headset Works by Reducing Low Frequencies

A very tiring aspect to using a headset is the continual background noises that interrupt the listening experience and very often the background noises are louder than one would expect. Most people may have tried ear plugs which may help in feeling less irritation but a high tech solution seems more appropriate; and that is the noise canceling headset.

Very often, such noise canceling headsets helps eliminate those irritating background noises and by reducing low frequencies by up to 15dB they leave high frequencies almost untouched and it is indeed enough to make a significant difference in noisy environments, especially. Using the noise canceling headset makes a movie or audio that much more enjoyable and leaves the user feeling much more refreshed than before.

The Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headset

One could try out various different noise canceling headsets but would be quite astounded by the price of the Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise canceling headset that nevertheless does provide the user with excellent performance albeit at ridiculous prices. There is no doubt that this noise canceling headset is a top performer though there is some scope for improvement in design but that does not in any way detract from its performance positives. To underscore the point, according to Google keyword search data this item came out tops and there are hundreds of visitors that access information pertaining to this item.

Nevertheless, for a cost of around $300, you would get a sturdy box that contains the AA batteries needed for operations as well as headphones and a connector cord to connect the headphones to any music source. There may also be an extension cord plus two adapter plugs that can be used on airlines or for the home stereo system and the plugs being gold plated do add a touch of class. The whole thing comes with a semi-hardsided as well as reasonably sized carry case that has loops for straps that are also included.

The headphones have ear cups that rotate a full 90 degrees that makes it possible for them to lie flat and not take much space and weigh only seven ounces. They do not have over-the-ear design and have best noise reducing capabilities because over-the-ear design causes a physical barrier. This results in passively reduced external sounds and is better than the on-the-ear design. This is because the over-the-ear design is preferred by most users, specifically because it is more comfortable over longer periods of use.