Navigating the Logitech Gaming Headset

Logitech has been in the multimedia field for a few years and after taking over Labtec that is one of the largest audio brands in the US has shown its seriousness in this segment. Starting with Logitech's ultra powerful gaming systems the company also began making a full lineup of headsets and one such model is the Logitech gaming headset that will surely be good value for money. Of course, gaming headsets are not a new thing and with companies like Plantronics as well as Sennheiser selling them, there is plenty of healthy competition; however the Logitech headset is another worthy entrance to the field.

There is no doubt that this Logitech headset is very stylish and with most gaming headsets sticking to over-the-head headsets this one is different and has behind-the-head design which is certainly very innovative but one should not be confused with neck phones for the design of this Logitech headset is such that the pressure applied around the ears is sufficient to hold it in place. Also, the neckband is not an adjustable one which has its own pros and cons, one notable advantage being its sturdiness.

Long Cords, Unique Open-Air Design and Ratchet Boom Placement

This Logitech headset comes with an eight feet long cord that comes attached to it and is long enough to take care of most needs. At the end of the cord are two 1/8 inch headphones as well as microphone plugs that are gold plated which helps improve transmission. It also has a volume control that has a very sporty volume knob that is like an iPod volume control. This knob also holds the microphone mute button that is useful for when one wants to disable the microphone.

The Logitech headset is useful in many ways including taunting one's opponents or coordinating teammates and is ideal for issuing commands, as well. It provides the user with the complete power of voice to be within their control and one would be simply amazed by the amount of comfort, convenience as well as quality of this Logitech headset and it is most evident when having an intense online battle.

It comes with unique open-air design that helps to keep cool as well as be comfortable even in the thick of action and with a ratchet boom placement one can accurately adjust the boom for optimum positioning each and every time it is required. Also, one may experience outstanding audio clarity in the games thanks to its large, 40mm neodymium stereo drivers.