A Few Quality Headset Microphones at Affordable Prices

One can find many headset microphones from different manufacturers and they include the Audio Technica AT892CWTH Mini Headset microphone which is a theater model and comes with a beige color mic as well as matching earset and a cable for concealment. It includes two element covers, and two windscreens as well as a cable clip. It has new quality/wearability standard for micro headset technology and the capsule diameter is merely 2.5 mm to provide the last word in low-profile and high performance audio.

It is also ideally suited for applications that do not need any great visibility as it is an inconspicuous and lightweight headset. As for its design, it is ergonomically sound in the under-ear-design that has lightweight contoured loop hooks behind the ear to give a very secure and comfortable fit with or without glasses, besides being flexible as well. The sound is crisp and of industry-standard quality with very intelligible natural audio that suits stage as well as television talent as well as is ideally suited for giving lectures and be used in houses of worship. It has rugged construction that has been designed to meet challenges posed by day-to-day use in theater as well as production settings and one could purchase it for under $300.

AKG C444L Cardioid Condenser Headset Microphone

This is another headset microphone item that gives the user incredible price/performance benefit and is ideally suited for those who wish to have their hands free at a gym or for use during a presentation or on stage where one will experience the comfort as well as secure fit of this product. This is a product that is very easy to use and when it rests securely as well as comfortably on the head it is protected from perspiration and is insensitive to ambient noise being optimized for sound as well as intelligibility. The C444L is compatible with to AKG WMS 60/80 as well as WMS 61/81 as well as other systems that require a mini-XLR connection and retails for approximately $150.

A more rugged and moisture-resistant constructed headset microphone is the Audio Technica AT899cW that has a headworn noise-canceling condenser microphone. This product is ideally suited for aerobics instruction as well as other demanding applications and retails for around $140.

Evaluate what your needs are and when you will be using a headset microphone the most. Based on these factors, you can make a more informed decision.