Corded Phone Headset: Less Cause for Pain, More Ease of Use

The corded phone headset is able to work with the single or multi-line phone system and there are useful models of the same available from Plantronics as well as GN Netcom. There is consensus amongst ergonomists that persons using keyboards or who take notes while talking on the phone would greatly benefit from using corded phone headsets and it should become an integral part of the workstation equipment.

Very often, the operator or user needs to crunch the telephone headset against their shoulder and neck, causing health problems for themselves. The corded phone headset allows the person to maintain the correct posture and avoid pain and discomfort to the neck and shoulders. In addition, by using the corded phone headset the worker would also be able to increase their efficiency and overall productivity may also rise.

Why Use Corded Phone Headsets?

The corded phone headset allows the user to free their hands and enter data, book an order or take notes without compromising on posture. There is also corresponding increase in productivity and it would lead to lesser costs as well as fewer mistakes plus giving one better service and allows the user to make more calls and this may in fact, be as much as sixteen more calls per day, which would translate into thousands of added calls per year.

Not having to cradle a handset between the head and shoulder allows the user to not experience neck, upper back as well as shoulder tension and the corded phone headset also provides a sense of style to the user and most such products have been ergonomically designed to fit the way the user does his or her work.

Both Plantronics as well as GN Netcom have a variety of corded phone headsets that are ideal for business professionals as well as executives and they connect to single or multi-line phone systems. The Plantronics T10 Corded Headset Phone is a convertible noise-canceling headset with adjustable volume and tone controls that also include online indicator as well as a headset stand along with a contoured keypad.

For those who spend long hours on the phone, the benefits of the corded phone headset are far greater than for the handset, more so when the headset is light in weight and comfortable as is the case with the T10. Though corded headsets may reduce mobility a bit but they make up for this by including a number of accessories that are useful for over-the-head or over-the-ear configurations.