Cell Phone Headsets Are More than a Convenience

The cell phone headset is not just a convenience and in some cases where the use of mobile phones without headsets is banned, they are a necessity. No matter that one is walking down the street or driving a car, the cell phone headset frees up hands and it is even possible to plug into a wireless phone-recording controller and capture conversations or interviews.

There are many different cell phone headset products available on the market that represents three main styles which are earbuds with in-line or integrated microphones, headsets that have boom microphones and units with retractable cords. The majority of them will work with any phone that has a standard 2.5mm headset jack and you can get one for around $20 to $30.

Earbuds, Booms and Retractables

The ultimate in stealthy cell phone headsets are the earbuds which have the mike resting on either the wire or the earpiece and very often it seems like the person is talking to him or herself as they are barely noticeable by others. The Fellowes Body Glove Earglove Flex is a cell phone headset that is a cross between an earbud and a boom headset and it may dangle from a short cord away from the ear loop that comfortably nestles over either ear.

There is also a nifty small microphone that comes out from underneath the ear and it also has a call-answer/end button along with a mute switch. Another similar product is the Logitech EasyFit earbud that comes with an EasyFit connector that is useful in holding the adapter that plugs into the cell phone and this cell phone headset has admirable sound quality and also has a choice of different size rubber FlexLoops that make for a snug fit. At just $15, this is a real bargain!

Many ear buds give one the comfort when on-the-go though some users may be worried about not being heard unless the microphone is near the mouth and to allay such fears the boom headsets provide the feeling that one is actually speaking into an object. Take for example the Etymotic EtyCom that make superior noise-canceling headphones and their cell phone headset was another quality product having an earpiece that fits inside the ear canal which blocks ambient noise and so is good for outdoor or noisy environments.

It has a very likable flexible boom as well as the replaceable filter and costs under $70 which may not be cheap, so one may want to test it before actually purchasing one. And, if you are tired of digging the cell phone headset from out of a briefcase, there is always the retractable headset that stores wire in a small case and it can be adjusted during a conversation.