Bluetooth Stereo Headset: A Few Handy Items

The Motorola Bluetooth stereo headset is an interesting piece of audio equipment and a close look at how it works will convince the interested buyer about its efficacy. The HT820 Motorola Bluetooth stereo headset supports both the headset as well as is hands-free for connecting with a phone using Bluetooth and has two additional profiles for audio.

This includes one for receiving stereo broadcast and the other for controlling audio devices. For those who have any of these profiles, the HT820 allows one to pause the music when taking an incoming call or one may skip tracks with the help of buttons present on the headset itself.

The Geeks Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Wireless earphones were introduced in 2001 and even though there are many manufacturers, their design has not seen much change. Very often they are uncomfortable to wear and the bulky over-the-ear-phone that weighs 25 grams or more does not excite the user too. Such earphones hindered perceptions of external sounds and were thus not very suitable for wearing them offline.

A solution to the problem may be found in the Geek headset that is lightweight as well as unique and has a ton of specifications for the headset as well as the Bluetooth audio transmitter. This Bluetooth stereo headset has Bluetooth specification V 1.2 compatible and supports Bluetooth profiles including A2DP and HSP and its radio frequency is from 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz and can be used up to 10 meters distance or twenty meters in open areas and is powered by two AA batteries.

This Bluetooth stereo headset has a button/switch for powering on or off as well as volume up and down controls and it also has phone accept, hang up or mute control. Its dimensions are 175 x 150 x 55 mm and the weight of this Bluetooth stereo headset is 123.8 grams With each advancement in technology, one is able to carry audio as well as video wherever one goes and though it may be very appealing to have it around as having wires attached to the Bluetooth stereo headset is not desirable.

The purpose of the Bluetooth stereo headset should be to allow audio and video devices to be placed on desks and still allow the user to move about freely around the office or cubicle. This is the aim of the Bluetooth stereo headset manufacturers and that is what users want most.