The Bose Aviation Headset X

Pilots face unique challenges when in the air in different types of aircraft and so they need innovative aviation headsets that are designed to meet these requirements to deliver an unmatched combination of full spectrum noise reduction as well as comfort and clear sound. A product that provides such features is the Bose aviation headset X which has unique Bose acoustic technology that make this lightweight item ideally suited for the special circumstances under which pilots operate.

This product may provide pilots with at least forty hours of performance using just two AA alkaline batteries to power it. The best feedback regarding this product comes from the pilots themselves who cannot praise it enough. The pilot rightly expects high performance from his equipment and though there are many noise reduction headsets available, they require large ear cups as well as considerable headband force that make it rather cumbersome for use over extended periods of time.

Therefore it became necessary to have an aviation headset like the TriPort headset to enable the user to have smaller as well as more comfortable aviation headsets that deliver the complete noise reduction spectrum.

Noise Canceling Headset Circuitry and More

In addition, the Bose Acoustic Noise Canceling headset circuitry keeps track of the sound at the ear and is able to identify unwanted noise and in turn creates an out-of-phase signal to lessen such unwanted noises. With its active equalization circuitry it is able to deliver full sound that is clear and has the improved intelligibility of radio as well as intercom audio.

According to some tests conducted by the US Air Force, the Acoustic Noise Canceling headsets were able to achieve intelligibility scores of 95 percent at 115db. One would be well advised to try out the Bose Aviation headset X and choose the configuration that best fits individual flight needs.

Salient features include the Triport acoustic headphone structure that produce rich audio performances and the Acoustic Noise Canceling headset circuitry that gives improved intelligibility that greatly reduces the continuous roar of flying; thus letting the pilot concentrate better. Also included is the AdaptiSense headset circuitry that has sophisticated electronics to keep track of power demand as well as be able to instantaneously adjust voltage and so ensure greatest possible battery life. It also has a shut off feature that can detect when the headset is no longer in use and which causes all the electronics to be turned off in order to preserve battery life longer.