Headsets Give Music Privacy A Boost

When the ability to listen privately to your favorite music started to become popular, it was played through large, bulky headsets with a sound quality rivaling a string stretched between two tin cans. That was acceptable then, because the headsets also blocked most of the external noise and your home speakers probably did not sound much better.

What a difference a few decades has made in the size, quality and features of headsets and the number of applications for which they are used. From ear buds attached to nothing but a wire to wireless earphones attached to nothing but your head, headsets became the only speakers available for small personal players.

In addition, music is not the only venue for which headsets are used. Flying on an airplane you can use them to listen privately to music. In the pilot's seat, they are used to block out external noise, allowing the pilot to both hear air traffic going on around them as well as, with a built-in microphone, communicate with the plane's crew. On the ground, they are used to help maintain communications with the flight crew as well as block the noise from planes.

Wireless Applications Make Them More Convenient

With the advancement of wireless communications, wireless headsets have made many inroads. With no wires between your stereo player and the headsets the only limitations to your movements are the distance you are from the transmitter. They can also be used with your surround sound system so you do not disturb other members of the house when you listen to things blow up and top volume.

Telephone headsets also allow for hands-free use of the telephone in you house, office or with your cell phone in your car. There are some headsets with only one earpiece and microphone for voice applications on the computer. You can hear what is going on in the program and it doesn't totally block out the sounds from immediately around you. They are also used when recording music so you can hear what the recording sounds like while you record it as well as everything else that is happening.

Not only do headsets block out noises that could be distracted to you while you work or listen to music, they also protect those around from being disturbed by what you are listening to. Unless, of course, you start singing with the music real loud.