A Guide To Your Sony Wega HDTV Options

HDTV stands for high definition television, and there are four different formats that can be viewed on an HDTV: 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The higher the number the higher the resolution and therefore the clearer the picture quality and contrast on the HDTV. High quality image resolution is the main selling point for these TVs, as all HDTVs signals are digital signals.

Another great feature to the HDTV's of today is that they are able to receive and reproduce 5.1 independent channels of digital sound, and this format is generally termed as being Dolby AC-3 and reproduces CD quality digital sound.

The Different Sony Wega HDTV Models

One of the biggest names in the world of electronics is, and always has been, Sony. The Sony Wega HDTVs are especially popular, and there are a few different models that you can choose from here.

One is the Sony KDF-46E2000 46" Grand Wega LCD HDTV, which is one big screen TV that people can actually afford. The 3LCD technology that is at the heart of these TV's provides a bright picture and high detail and natural color. These three key benefits are extremely important to any television viewing experience, and you will become very aware of them when you are watching television or movies.

As well, unlike more conventional line doubles, the DRC multifunction feature here works by replacing the signal's NTSC waveform with the HD equivalent, while at the same time doubling the number of vertical and horizontal lines. This means that you end up getting four times the density, which provides a significantly better picture quality and contrast.

Another popular Sony Wega HDTV model is the Sony KDS-60A2020 60" Grand Wega HDTV, which is a Sony Wega HDTV that definitely gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Behold the grand scale and stunning beauty of the images that you see on this monstrous television. It is still delivered in an amazingly sleek and compact enclosure, meaning that it takes up as little space as possible in your home.

As well, the television is equipped with the Wega Engine System, which minimizes signal distortion and provides you with the best picture possible. You are fully connected with dual HDMI and front component inputs, so you have the most versatility and convenience possible, which is always great.

Any Sony Wega HDTV is going to be impressive, because they all provide the highest in quality and value of any HDTV on the market today.