The Top LCD HDTV Reviews

LCD HDTVs are all the rage these days, but if you just head out anywhere to buy one without knowing what to look for then you most likely are going to end up confused and even overwhelmed, what with the multitude of options that are available to you out there. Using LCD HDTV reviews is ideal, because you find out what other consumers just like you had to say about the different options and therefore you can make the searching and purchasing processes easier on yourself overall.

Pioneer PRO-FHD1

One of the models that are always top in LCD HDTV reviews is the Pioneer PRO-FHD1. This HDTV offers accurate colors and excellent detail with 1080 resolution material. It also features extensive picture controls including color temperature and primary color adjustments, and very comprehensive connectivity including two HDMI and one DVI input. It is one of the most popular Pioneer models available today, and offers fantastic picture quality.

Panasonic TH-50PX77U

This is another model that always ranks high in the LCD HDTV reviews, and it is most recognized for its antiglare screen which helps reduce reflections, the accurate initial color temperature and slick styling that it offers. With this model you receive superb sound as well, and although it is very slim and elegant it included an integrated 20-watt, side-firing speaker system for maximum stereo separation. The virtual surround system creates an authentic and astounding 3D enhancement effect from the two stereo speakers while still ensuring to preserve the clarity and definition.

Samsung TX-T3093WH

This model always receives great LCD HDTV reviews, and is a really great TV set. Its innovative SlimFit design reduces cabinet depth to just 16.3 inches, which is not much deeper than a stand-mounted LCD TV of the same size. It features a 20-watt stereo with graphic equalizer, reverse 3:2 pulldown and more. It is also able to receive and display HDTV signals and the digital tuner that it offers means that that the set is not going to end up becoming obseltet when analog broadcasting ends in the year 2009.

LCD HDTV reviews are important to read up on if you are planning on purchasing a new TV because then you can find out what other consumers have had to say and therefore will be able to choose the best HDTV for you. It will not only most likely end up saving you money but as well will make the entire purchasing process easier on you in general.