Defining an HDTV Tuner

What's this about an HDTV tuner? What's that? Is this another "add-on" product that you really don't need or is it something that you can't do without? These are all fair questions to ask if you are looking to purchase an HDTV television set for the first time. To answer the question, quite simply an HDTV television set will be utterly worthless without a solid HDTV tuner.

If you are looking for an HDTV television set, you are probably coming across a number of different terms and accessories that may otherwise not be something you are familiar with. There is nothing to be ashamed of about this. After all, you are a consumer and that means you are more concerned with what the product actually does as opposed to a number of specifics in regards to the various components that make up what makes the television set actually work.

While this is understandable, what also must be understood is the fact that if you do not have all the proper accessories for your HDTV television set then the set is not going to work properly or even at all! For example, if you do not have an HDTV tuner then your HDTV television set will not be displaying an HDTV picture. It is as simple as that!

The Definition

The HDTV tuner (also known as an HDTV decoder, an HDTV receiver, and the very non-descriptive title "set top box") is an apparatus that's sole purpose is to receive and output the HDTV signals required for the television set to display an HDTV signal. These HDTV tuners can be built into the television set or that can be apparatuses that are sold separately. Also, there are a number of HDTV tuners that are integrated into a personal computer allowing the computer to receive and display an HDTV signal and image.

There are a number of great manufacturers that each put out an excellent HDTV tuner and these manufacturers include RCA, Sony, Samsung and many other great manufacturers.

Now, if you already have an HDTV tuner but it is a little old, then perhaps you may wish to check out what new models are out there on the marketplace. After all, electronics are constantly upgrading and improving so you may wish to check out what is new on the horizon and upgrade as well. Do you want to lag behind your neighbor or do you want to have the best of the best? Do the latter and upgrade your tuner an soon as you can.