How to Buy an HDTV Receiver

There are a few factors that you are going to want to take into consideration if you are planning on buying an HDTV receiver, especially if you are looking to conserve as much money as possible. The first and most important step here is to learn about the different options that you have available to you, and in this case, there are quite a few that are worthwhile.

DirecTV H20 Satellite Receiver Equipment Leasing

This is by far one of the most popular HDTV receiver options, and with it you can enjoy more than 250 different digital quality channels with DirecTV. You will also receive stunning high-definition broadcasts which now include your local channels in this format. You have a ton of premium channels and sports package that you can choose from, and can even get program listings days in advance with the Advanced Program Guide.

This HDTV receiver is HD capable, and you can choose a DirecTV package that accommodates HDTV signals for the ultimate in programming options. It also features Dolby Digital 5.1 digital audio, A/V versatility, convenience features including simultaneous SD/HD outputs, caller ID, parental controls, channel banner, on screen guide, and custom search features which make it even easier to watch TV just the way you want it.

You will want to take note however that while this HDTV receiver is compatible with DirecTV broadcasts, you are going to need a subscription service and a satellite dish as well in order to receive the services that you want.

DirecTV AU9S Slimline Ka/Ku LNB HDTV Satellite Dish

This is another great HDTV receiver, one that encompasses five LNBs for great satellite coverage, and which is able to receiver 101, 110, and 119 degree satellites, plus the new Ka satellites at 99 and 103 degrees for local HD programming. It is required for use with an H20 receiver in order to pick up the high definition local channel programming.

Once you have learned a bit about the different HDTV receivers that are available, then you can really get going by taking a few factors into consideration. Of course you are going to have to figure out how much money you have to spend, as this will be one of the biggest determining factors of all, and you also want to think about how many channels you are interested in getting, because different HDTV receivers will offer you a different number of channels.