HDTV Antennas Can Provide Local Access Free Of Charge

Contrary to what many cable and satellite operators may claim, some of the best digital signal for high definition broadcasts may be available free. With a high definition television connected to HDTV antennas, the signals from many local broadcasters can provide a picture that may actually be better than one from a cable or satellite provider. In addition to better quality, the price is also right, depending on your distance to the broadcaster and the equipment you install.

Television antennas may seem like antiques to those who grew up in the cable television and satellite age. An absolute must-have in the early days of television many homes have shed these tall, wiry-looking pieces of yesterday's technology. However, as more broadcasters are sending their signals out in high definition format, the old antenna may be coming in style. The older antennas will not work well with high definition signals, but HDTV antennas can offer a bright clear picture.

Many cable operators and satellite providers may offer several hundred channels in their system and all of those signals coming through the one line can create a tight fit. Many systems use massive compression of the signals so they all fit in, which can create some interference in the signal when it pours out of the set.. HDTV antennas do not compress the signal and when using the antenna the user will se a perfectly clear picture or no picture at all, depending on their reception.

HDTV antennas Melt Away The Old Snow

One of the biggest complaints with antenna reception used to be disruption of the signal from a variety of source. Virtually any product broadcasting an analog signal was prone to cause interference. White interference, usually called snow, often took the place of an image on the screen with increasing frustration for the viewer. With HDTV antennas connected to high definition televisions, if the signal cannot be found, there will be no snow, no distortion and actually, no picture at all.

If the signal is within range of the antenna, typically between 60 and 80 miles, depending on the signal strength of the broadcast, the picture will be clear and clean. When connecting HDTV antennas the television will need to be high definition ready television there will also be an HDTV tuner that is needed. For televisions listed as integrated, the tuner is already installed in the set. Understand that some broadcasters broadcast regular analog signals during the day ands with to high definition, wide-screen digital formats in the evening prime time.