LCDs lead quality in 23 Inch HDTV Monitors

For those looking for smaller screens for television monitors, most are finding that 23 inch HDTV monitors are usually only available with liquid crystal displays. When plasma televisions were introduced their market was essentially confined to large screen, 37-inches and larger, while LCD technology had yet to be developed for the larger screen market. Manufacturers of LCD televisions continued their research and finally cracked the large screen market, but apparently others did not see any reason to develop plasma technology for the small screen industry.

Liquid crystal display monitors have become the choice of most computer users due their image quality as well as their reduced depth requiring less room on their desk. A 23 inch HDTV monitors can also be connected to computers, especially for watching television programs and movies on the computer. For household use as a television a 23 inch HDTV set can make a great second television in the bedroom or in the main room, depending on the distance it will be from the viewers.

As a rule of thumb a 23 inch HDTV set is ideal when the seats will be between five and 12 feet from the screen. Due to their digital clarity, the image can be equally bright and clear regardless of the viewer's angle to the screen.

Whole Picture Viewed On Smaller Screen

Another advantage to having a 23 inch HDTV set is it can be mounted on the wall or ceiling if space on top of a stand is not available. They typically are considerably lighter than tradition cathode ray tube televisions and due to their reduce depth can sit closer to the way, not taking up a lot of space. They can make an ideal second set in the bedroom or living room and may even be seen over the pool table in the family room.

Despite the fact that a 23 inch HDTV screen is smaller than many of the larger televisions, there will be no difference in the picture quality or resolution. The same image that is seen on a 50-inch television will be the same as one viewed on a 23 inch HDTV set. It will only be smaller. The definition will still be clear and have brighter colors, provided it is receiving a high definition signal.

Cable and satellite providers, as well as many off the air broadcast signals can be used on a 23 inch HDTV equipped with the right receiver to input digital signals through the monitor.