Golf Vacation at St. Andrews

The golf course at St. Andrews in Scotland has long been identified with being the birthplace of the game of golf. It is estimated that ever since the year 1400 A.D. individuals have been playing golf or a form of golf on the golf links located at St. Andrews. A brief history of this game will disclose that its gain in popularity kept increasing and by the 19th century it had become a part of the lifestyle of many people.

Today St. Andrews is still considered a shrine for the golfing world and many who are impassioned by this sport and pastime trek to this locale to play on the links where it all started. In fact many plan a European trip and make it a golf vacation by visiting St. Andrews.

Importance of Contracting with a Tour Company

When planning a golf vacation, it is best to take the advice and gain from the experience of those who are most knowledgeable when planning such an undertaking. Obviously a golf vacation at St. Andrew requires an investment of your resources. Those resources are not only financial, but also is an investment of your time. Therefore, when planning a vacation at St. Andrews, it is important to leave no loose ends.

Putting your golf vacation into the hands of professionals will make sure that rooms are booked, tee times are scheduled, transportation is arranged, services expected are received, and that no expectations are unmet.

Finding the Right Tour Company

Obviously, finding the right tour company to experience your dream golf vacation is of the utmost importance. There are many ways that you can select a reputable company that will provide the best service and at a fair rate. One of the best ways to locate a reputable tour company is by word of mouth. This can be accomplished by asking fellow golfers who may have experienced this dream golf vacation and utilized a tour company. In addition, to receiving the name of the tour company, you may also learn, from your fellow golfers, knowledge of any pitfalls to avoid that they experienced.

Other ways to find out about tour packages at St. Andrews may include talking to the golf pro at your pro shop or picking up golfing magazines. It is always important to do your own homework. This can be accomplished by surfing the internet and conducting searches based on the tour company's claims, their guarantees, possible complaints registered against this company, etc.

List of Expectations

When planning your golf vacation, it is important to know what your expectations are. One of your objectives is probably wanting to golf at St. Andrews. Make sure that the tour company you hire can arrange for that expectation to be fulfilled. Also, if you wish to take in the sights and sounds of Scotland, ask what the tour company can do for you to meet that objective.

Other Tips

When planning a golf vacation to St. Andrews, remember that you will be traveling internationally. Make sure that you have everything in order and remember that a passport will be required so allow for time to complete all the paperwork. Also, unlike golfing locally, time is a consideration when planning tee times. Check with your tour company to ascertain how far in advance those tee times need to be scheduled. Also, remember golf customs are different. If you require the use of a golf cart make sure that this need can be met.