Golf Carts are Slow Speed Vehicles that Carry the Golfer about the Course

A small vehicle meant to carry two golfers and their golf bags around the golf course faster and without much effort may be termed a golf cart. There are many types of golf carts and they are now used to convey a small number of golfers for short distances and at a slow and steady pace that should not exceed 15MPH according to ANSI Standard z130.1.

Gas Driven or Electrically Operated

The golf cart may be powered by small gas engines or may derive their power from electrically run motors which were the first mass produced electric vehicles made for the private use of consumers. The leading manufacturer of the golf carts in the United States is Ingersoll Rand Corporation. Present day carts can be styled to look like normal cars even though they are quite small in size but still can have accessories such as audio entertainment, custom wheels and customized body panels, in many colors.

More and more brands of golf carts are becoming available with each passing year. Manufacturers have been able to offer more improved features but in spite of this, it remains much the same as it was, from the beginning when it made its first appearance. To get an idea about the different attributes of a golf cart, it may be necessary to study consumer oriented services and find the one most suited for individual needs.

The golf cart is built using different parts and thus responds differently to wear and tear. With the help of consumer reviews, one can get a good idea about how particular golf carts would function as well as get feedback from other users. The electric golf cart has been around for quite some time and it has always caught the fancy of golfers, being a simple and effective way of commuting the golf course. Having decided on using a cart on your next golfing round, it would also be necessary to consider accessories that go with it.

A number of golf cart accessories will greatly help in making the golfer's conveyance more comfortable as well as convenient to use, but some accessories can needlessly clutter the golf cart. Holders, caddy compartments and a first aid kit are obviously pretty useful accessories and for a more stylish look, one could also throw in chrome enhancements as well as hub caps.