Golf Balls Make a Difference in a Score

A golf ball is a tiny white sphere that thousands of golfers choose carefully because of the prices and because of the difference they make in the score. They all look pretty much the same at first glance, but there can be a significant difference in what lies beneath that white cover. The cover itself can differ from one golf ball to another. When a golfer steps up to the tee or watches the lay of the ball on the green, the ball that is in play could mean the difference in the score.

A good golf ball is the result of aerodynamic design. The small ball can go hundreds of yards down the fairway. The skill of the golfer is a factor in the distance the ball travels, but the design of the ball will make a significant difference as well. A closer look at a ball will show dimples on the white cover. The long explanation might take an engineer to understand, but a simpler explanation is possible. The dimples on the golf ball maximize the effects of the drag on the ball as it flies through the air. In simple terms, a golf ball with dimples will go further than one without dimples.

A Good Golf Ball Has a Sophisticated Design

Every golf ball has those dimples although the shape of the dimples do not vary from one ball to another for regulation play. There are golf balls that have been built with dimples that are hexagonal, but the balls currently used by both amateurs and professionals are round. The other shapes might work well, but the round dimple is the shape that is accepted by golfers at this time. Golf balls are designed to get the maximum lift in order to get a longer, better flight down the fairway.

Golf balls are designed to provide spin on the ball. This can make a difference in the final score of a round of golf. For the professionals like Tiger Woods, the design of the ball could result in a better round of golf, a better score and a bigger payout. The golfer has to consider the dangers of hooking or slicing the ball when teeing up. Experts work on better designs constantly so serious golfers will buy their product. The best golfers test these products constantly in order to win the next game, and they look carefully to find the best available ball.