A Good Golf Bag Makes for a Pleasurable Round of Golf

Golfers take their game seriously whether they are amateurs or professionals. Most golfers play eighteen holes of golf at one time, and they need to have a whole range of supplies with them on a round that might last up to four hours. You can get from New York to Chicago in less time than it takes to play a round of golf. The club house with supplies of food and golf equipment might be a great distance from the holes at the farthest end of the golf course. If a golfer loses a ball, he or she cannot just run back to the pro shop to buy another ball. A hungry or thirsty golfer cannot stop play to get a bottle of water or a sandwich to continue play.

The golfer carries his food and water supplies in the golf bag in order to avoid delay or cessation of play. The game of golf is played according to strict protocols and leaving the course to return later is not acceptable except for dangerous conditions like a thunderstorm. Besides food, water and golf balls, a golfer takes a wide variety of clubs in the golf bag. The dedicated golfer has several wood clubs in the golf bag to hit the distance shots, a selection of irons for the fairways and traps. Every golfer has at least one putter and this must go along for the full eighteen holes in the golf bag. Some golfers may get through eighteen holes with the same ball, but other golfers may lose several balls. Some golfers may lose several balls in one lake. All golfers take some extra balls in their golf bag.

The Wrong Golf Bag Could Bring Four Hours of Misery

All the necessary equipment loaded into a good golf bag is heavy so a smart golfer does not want to increase the weight by selecting a heavy bag. A good golf bag will have many convenient compartments, but it will not weigh too much and add additional weight to the load. Golfers want to have easy access to their equipment so the way a golf bag is organized can make access to the necessary items easier. If a golfer just hit his ball into a tree, he or she is probably annoyed and frustrated. This is not the time or place to search through a big bag for a new ball. That frustration may just get the golfer back into the tree for a second time.