Big Bertha FT-3 Produced by Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf was established in 1982. They not only manufacture golf clubs, but help promote golf by providing corporate sponsorships to individual professional golfers. Some of those well-known golfers include Phil Mickelson, Michael Campbell and Anna Sorenstam.

One of Callaway Golf's famous lines of manufactured golf clubs is the "Big Bertha" line. In particular one manufactured driver is very innovative and cutting edge that helps improve the game of many golfers. The golf club is known as the Big Bertha FT-3 Fusion Driver.

Fusion Technology

This Callaway Golf product incorporates what is known as fusion technology. This particular technology shifts and fuses the weight of the driving head of the driver to compensate for the type of swing that the golfer is experiencing. This driver is known as the Big Bertha FT 3 fusion driver and there are three different types of this Callaway Golf driver to choose from.

Specifically, the driving head of these three types of Callaway Golf drivers in this line each weigh 44 grams. The difference in each of these three types is how the weight is shifted and built into the driver. There are three particular areas to the driver that make up the full 44 grams of weight. If the golfer, when driving the golf ball, experiences a fade or a slice, the appropriate Big Bertha FT-3 driver to select is the draw driver. The weight of this driver is heavier towards the opposite side of where the fade is experienced.

A golfer who experiences a hooking or a drawing with their drive is advised to select the fade style of this Callaway Golf driver. In this type of driver the weight is shifted towards the opposite side of the experienced hook or draw.

The third type of driver in this Big Bertha category is the neutral driver. The full 44 grams of weight contained in the driver is, for the most part, positioned evenly amongst the three specific areas of the driver. The resulting effect of this fusion technology that is built into the Big Bertha FT 3 fusion driver compensates for the swing of the golfer that may be to either side of the center of gravity. This compensation ultimately allows for the golfer to obtain a golfing drive that is straighter in projection.

Other Features

Other features of this Callaway Golf driver include a face that is made from titanium. In addition the design of this club allows for a larger area that is conducive to making contact with the golf ball. These particular features, along with the fusion technology, allow for the golfer to achieve a distance that will improve their game.

In addition there are various options that can be chosen when selecting the shaft that connects to the driving head. Those three options in include the Callaway Golf Fusion NVS shaft, the NV Shaft made from graphite and the Graffalloy Pro Launch Blue. These drivers are also available to left as well as right handed players and are made for both men and women golfers.