Callaway Golf Clubs: The Last Word, Almost

Callaway golf clubs are designed as well as built and backed by a tradition of confidence as well as technological innovations that have helped improve the product to better not only the competition, but to also outdo its own previous product lines. The founder of Callaway Golf is Ely Callaway whose philosophy incorporates these values that have been strictly adhered to over a half century that the company has been in business, making it the leading manufacturer of premium golfing equipment.

Leading Golfers Have Chosen Callaway Golf Clubs

Leading golfers such as Phil Mickelson as well as Annika Sorenstam have used Callaway golf clubs and become better players. The Callaway Golf tradition has led it to serve golfers with unwavering commitment through innovative improvements to its product line as well as providing outstanding results that are guaranteed to give the golfer better golf as well as a better game, through its well thought out designs. No doubt, every golfer has their own preference in choosing golf clubs but, a set of Callaway golf clubs would be high on their wish list.

Callaway Golf is undoubtedly a premium golf making company and it can boast of having achieved success that its competitors can only pray and dream of having. In 1986, Callaway Golf was the first to use milling machines to ensure complete flatness in the Callaway Golf putter and fourteen years later, it became the top manufacturer of woods and irons and Callaway golf clubs accounted for a turnover of US$800 million dollars that was thrice that of its nearest competitor.

In due course of doing business, Callaway Golf acquired Odyssey Golf that was well known for its White Hot putters and later added Top Flite as well as Ben Hogan to their armory of Callaway golf clubs. At present, besides its famed Callaway golf clubs, the company has diversified into making balls, bags as well as a host of golf accessories. However, the Callaway golf club that first catapulted the company to fame was the line of Big Bertha woods that was a revolutionary driver that had a newer as well as bigger clubface and, it caused an explosion in its popularity.

The list of Callaway golf clubs is almost inexhaustible and one cannot praise them enough and it is no understatement when one says that a set of Callaway irons can't be beaten and, once a golfer gets his or her hands on one of these treasures, it would be impossible to get them to switch to any other.