Finding New Ways to Stop Global Warming

With more information readily available today through the internet, people are becoming more aware of the effects of global warming on the environment. The temperature on earth has only increased about one degree Celsius over the last one hundred years; however, this is double the increase from the one hundred years before that. In addition, there have been changed in the number of large storms passing through during hurricane season, storms which are produced by the warm ocean currents worldwide. Since the climate has become warmer, scientists hypothesize that has contributed to the increased number of storms. In addition, the water levels of the oceans has been steadily rising at an increased rate over the past one hundred years as well, which is the period of time in which the world entered the industrial age when more fossil fuels have been burned.

A Pressing Issue

Scientists, researchers and environmental groups have all been pushing to find ways to stop global warming from becoming a greater problem. One way to stop global warming is to make some changes in each household to decrease energy usage. For automobiles, keeping the tires inflated and changing the air filter are two ways to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and also to same money each year. If it is possible to get another car, using a hybrid is one way to stop global warming on an individual basis. Starting a carpool for taking children to afterschool events in addition to carpooling to work are two other ways to help impact the environment for the better.

In the home there are also ways to stop global warming by decreasing the electricity usage. One huge way is the turn the thermostat down two degrees in the winter months and up two degrees in the summer months. This can help to save almost two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide per year. In addition, changing the light bulbs in the house so that fluorescent bulbs are used will save energy. Changing the air conditioning filter regularly and changing the water heater to a lower setting are two more ways to stop global warming on a local basis. Some individuals will also put solar panels or solar roofing tiles on their homes so that they do not have to pull as much energy from the power company and thus save on carbon dioxide emissions. There are low flow shower heads that save on water heating costs in conjunction with individuals choosing to take shorter showers.