Be Aware Of The Human Causes Of Global Warming

Global warming is a serious condition that affects our planet. It is important to be aware of the human causes of global warming in order to prevent additional global warming from occurring. While humans contribute a lot to global warming there are also natural ways in which global warming occurs. For these types of situations there is little that can be done to stop the global warming which may occur.

Humans on the other hand have the opportunity to curb a number of the activities which can contribute to an increase in global warming. By simply limiting these activities, or reinventing how they are done, the planet can remain a healthier place for everyone to live.

Different Ways Humans Can Cause Global Warming

Think about all of the products in the world that are made out of nylon. The process to make nylon involves nitrous oxide which is extremely harmful to the environment. When this substance is released into the atmosphere the rays from the sun kick start a reaction. This reaction contributes to a problem called the green house effect which ultimately results in the global warming of the planet and is a great example of a human cause of global warming.

Humans cause global warming to occur just by simply being alive. Every breath we exhale contains carbon dioxide. This gas is one of the most harmful to our atmosphere and as the amount of carbon dioxide collects our planet begins to warm. This is not something that happens overnight but slowly over a large amount of time. There is little we can do prevent this from occurring either.

Consider all of the different ways in which we use coal. We burn coal to power factories and to provide heat. It is generally a cheap alternative compared with other fossil fuels that are used in similar ways. The unfortunate downfall of using coal is that it releases a great deal of toxins into our environment. In fact it is a leading cause of global warming by CO2. Today many industries are trying to overcome this pollution issue by creating cleaner ways to burn the coal. Until the process is further refined, coal will continue to contribute to global warming.

As more and more people populate the earth each year the number of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane that is released into the environment grows. As this happens the process of global warming is amplified. Simply being aware of the numerous things that can cause global warming is a great way to help people modify behaviors which harm the atmosphere.