A Profiteering Scam? 'Global Warming Swindle' Debate

The 'global warming swindle' debate has been raging for years and has escalated in recent months with the American Physical Society publishing their findings that the carbon dioxide emissions so not have the extreme effect on global warming as was previously thought. This group of fifty-thousand scientists now believes that their previous findings were wrong which has sparked a global warming scientific debate afresh. They claim that the models that show how much carbon dioxide increases the green house effect by raising temperatures are wrong so that global warming is a swindle, with carbon dioxide not having as drastic an effect on the warming.

Issues to Consider

Scientists on the other side of the 'global warming swindle' debate claim that the increased carbon dioxide emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Age have caused the green house effect, causing temperatures to rise at a higher rate than they have ever done. These higher temperatures, they claim, has caused a warming in the oceans which in turn has caused additional problems. Large tropical storms have been more prevalent than every before and scientists that do not believe that global warming is a swindle claim that they are caused by the warming waters in the world's oceans. In addition, the polar icecaps are melting so that the ocean level is rising each year, which will cause many problems in the future if it increases levels in future years.

Despite the argument over the 'global warming swindle' debate, there is agreement that things can be done to change the carbon dioxide emissions as well as other types of pollutants in order to take better care of the earth. Environmental organizations who believe in the global warming issue have advanced legislation that requires big industry to change their carbon dioxide emissions over time so that they are less polluting to the environment. These organizations also help to educate the general population so that individuals do more to stop global warming in their homes and everyday activities. Individuals can adjust their thermostats so that in the winter months they turn them down two degrees and in the summer months, turn them up two degrees. Proper layer of clothing helps with the temperature difference and it saves two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. In addition, proponents say to carpool as much as possible and also to turn off vehicles instead of idling when the car is not in traffic and is waiting for more than thirty seconds.