Germany Warns The World About The Immediate Need For An Effective Global Warming Prevention Plan

Countries such as Germany are becoming increasingly more alarmed at the dangers that the rapid pace of global warming is posing to humanity, and according to their Environment Minister, Germany requires to implement a global warming prevention plan to protect the country from the dangers of changes taking place in the environment of that country.

Deal With The Issue Of Climate Change

Recently, in Berlin, the head of the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) was heard saying that it (UBA) was engaged in creating a global warming prevention plan to deal with the issue of climatic changes. The UBA would coordinate energy efficiency along with greater reliance on use of renewable energy sources and it would also do its bit to provide better protection from floods through incorporation of better early-warning systems.

Putting into place a global warming prevention plan is essential if Germany, as too the rest of the world, wants to remain afloat and not get mowed beneath the changing social as well as economic scenarios. Without global warming prevention plans that make it necessary to enforce policies for climate control, the end of the present century would see temperatures in Germany rise from between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius. Any further increase in temperatures would lead to catastrophic consequences.

A properly implemented global warming prevention plan can prevent sea levels from rising to between thirty to fifty meters in the next century and even by as early as the year 2100 the adverse affects of unchecked climate change would become noticeable and would present a danger to every country of the world.

Research is the fulcrum around which every new global warming prevention plan must work. Giving the message to the general public regarding dangers of unchecked climate change is not something that must take place in the future. Fortunately, such dissemination of information is actually taking place right now.

The world requires proper implementation of global warming prevention plans so that dangers from rising temperatures, higher rainfall, and floods can be controlled; otherwise tourism and energy as well as other aspects of our lives will be badly affected.

The dangers posed by rampant global warming are there for all to see: water will become scarce in desert regions and duration of summer will lengthen. Without a proper global warming prevention system in place, things will only go from bad to worse. However, by switching over to using solar and wind and geothermal energy systems, we may yet be able to prevent a total burnout of our planet.