Global Warming Impact: How Changes In The Weather Can Affect Our Lives

Despite the fact that many scientists our there say that the impact of global warming is being overly sensationalized by the media, it cannot be denied that global warming is drastically changing our lives. Global warming impact is not just limited to changes in the weather. It encompasses a lot of things. In fact, in many parts of the world, people are already suffering from the economic impact of global warming. To get a better picture of how global warming can affect our lives, read on.

Physical Impact Of Global Warming

Studies show that global warming can bring about severe changes in the weather. In the last few years we have witnessed several severe weather disturbances. Storms have become more violent and droughts more severe. Hurricane prone areas which usually do not suffer from category 4 winds now get relentless battering. The worst part of it is that even before one hurricane dissipates, another hurricane forms and heads to the already battered areas. In some places, especially in developing countries, rains pour in great torrents which caused massive flooding and landslides. On the other hand, drought prone places experience a lot more dry conditions than they should. Australia for instance is suffering from severe droughts which crippled its agricultural production in the last few years. Fields that used to be green are now parched and lifeless. Many farmers in drought prone areas are losing their farms and are unable to produce anything from the soil.

Impact of Global Warming On People

There is no denying the fact that we are all affected by global warming. If you take a look at the impact of global warming on life itself, you will see an alarming rate of negative change. Severe weather conditions like hurricanes destroy life and properties. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 for instance has left several people homeless up and until now. The recent string of hurricanes around the world is proof that the impact of global warming on life itself can be very costly indeed.

Severe weather conditions in different parts of the world have contributed to shortage in food supply. Droughts in many food producing countries have forced farmers to stop producing certain kinds of crops and shift to other businesses. The reduction in the amount of food supply led to the increases of prices on food. Earlier this years, Asian nations suffer from sharp rise is prices of rice and other farm products. If you take a look at it, these are but few of the impacts of global warming. If we do not something about the situation, things can get a lot worst that it already is.