Answers to Common Gardening Questions

If you love to garden, it is only natural that you would have some gardening questions, especially if you have a variety of different plants in your garden. While gardening is meant to be a stress-reducer, it can also be a considerable amount of stress for the person that does not know how to solve a gardening dilemma.

What is the Best Way to Prune my Roses?

Roses are truly beautiful flowers, and a great addition to many kinds of gardens. However, they lose much of their beauty if they are not pruned correctly. The best idea would be to prune your roses in autumn, but only prune them lightly. Just remove the parts that are long enough to be damaged by wind. In March, before the roses are ready to grow again, prune away any dead parts.

What are the Differences Between Herbs and Spices?

In the culinary sense, herbs are plant leaves that can be used to season food, whether they are dried or fresh. Botanically speaking, any plant that doesn't have a woody stubs that are perennial, like those of trees, is an herb. Spices are dried seasonings that generally have a tropical origin. Spices usually come from the fruit of various plants.

How do I get the ants off of my Peonies?

Actually, there really isn't a way that you can rid your Peonies of ants. There isn't much of a reason why you should try to get rid of them either, because the ants are only on the Peonies because they collect the sugarlike substances secreted by the nectaries on the surface of the Peonies' petals. Thus, they aren't doing any harm to your Peonies.

How Often Should my Perennials be Divided?

As with all plants, the needs of perennials can differ. For example, Peonies only need division when you want to add other plants, otherwise they don't need to be divided. Some perennials, like Yarrow, should be divided at the minimum every five years, and at the most every seven years, if you want them to grow at their best.

More Information

Check gardening magazines, local garden centers, or the internet, and you are sure to find an answer to whatever gardening questions you might have. After all, a garden grows at its best when the gardener is well-informed.