Gardening Can Beautify Your Home

An exquisite garden can beautify your home more than a new coat of paint. Gardening does not have to be an expensive change to the appearance of your home, but it can enhance the beauty of any home. When you think of the most beautiful mansions, you probably think of a beautiful green lawn surrounding the home. There are probably shrubs that are stately and trimmed with precision. Flowers deck the gardens of the most beautiful homes. The gardening experts who design the landscape of beautiful homes probably command a flock of workers who toil constantly to keep a manor magnificent.

The gardening experts in charge of the grounds of beautiful mansions are highly skilled and experienced, but an amateur can get tips on gardening that these experts contribute to different sources. A gardening expert is not going to change a small cottage into a mansion by adding a garden, but the appearance of a modest home will improve with gardening tips from experts. A dedicated homeowner armed with advice from these gardening experts can add the touches in the garden to constantly improve their home.

Gardening Is More Than Pulling Up Weeds

The first step in effective gardening comes with the planning. A gardening expert does not randomly place flowers and trees as the mood grabs them. The planning of a beautiful garden is important. Look at the available space before starting. The trees in the available space should be a primary consideration. Large trees are not easily moved so all plans might have to revolve around trees that already exist in the garden. Smaller trees might be removed or transplanted. After the trees are considered, any patio fixtures must be considered. A brick patio might be difficult but not impossible to move. Consider the space and then decide if you want more plants and trees to replace part or all of the patio.

The zone of the garden is also an important consideration for a luxurious appearance. An amateur gardener might want to plant orchids, but these may not do so well in an inhospitable climate. The established gardens in the area will provide clues about the best plants for the area. Drive around the neighborhood and check out the most beautiful gardens. The plants in those gardens survive because they are appropriate for the area. The local nurseries and garden centers will have knowledgeable people that are ready and willing to give advice. The local newspapers usually have sections especially for gardening advice.

Starting From Seeds

For those who take their gardening seriously, they know how expensive it can be to buy plants and often the ones they buy do not survive. They also know that all seeds are not created equal. Retail companies often have cheap seeds which may sound like a bargain, but if they don't grow you have wasted your money.

Most seeds will germinate well at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees. Once the seedlings start peeping through the soil they will need a lot of light in order to grow strong. They will need an average of fourteen to sixteen hours every day. Fluorescent lights perform well and most people already have them in their homes. Once the plants begin growing, you will need to watch them daily and adjust the distance from the light as the plants grow taller.

These young and tender plants will need special care if you want to have success with your gardening. In addition to the light, they need water to keep them moist at all times. The correct potting soil is also an important factor. Many of the cheaper brands will not produce healthy plants and your money will be wasted.