Johnson Funeral Home: Caters To Southwest Louisiana

Johnson funeral home takes care to provide customers with dedicated personalized service that pays individual attention to each family. Being independently owned as well as operated, it provides committed service in meeting with diverse as different needs of customers. They cater to Southwest Louisiana and provide quality service that is based on family traditions, integrity as well as honesty.

Has Expanded With Time And More Business

Johnson Funeral Home began operating in Southwest Louisiana in October 1976 and started out with just a chapel as well as two staterooms along with a small residence attached for use by the Johnson family. With proper service, Johnson Funeral Home grew and expanded and, with a greater market for cremations, they built the Lake Charles Crematory, LLC close to their funeral home. At present, this crematory caters to funeral homes in a six parish area.

With more business and better growth, Johnson Funeral Home expanded and has two large chapels, two staterooms and, also two arrangement offices plus two selection rooms as well as a large family lounge. It has also kept up with latest technology and, can boast of more meaningful and newer developments to make the funeral experience more unforgettable.

There are many different services offered by Johnson Funeral Home and, with plenty of experience behind them, they can help, reassure as well as understand the difficult circumstances that bereaved families go through and they provide a gentle atmosphere that is full of dignity, efficiency as well as trustful. Johnson Funeral Home can provide traditional services, cremation as well as additional services and, also have the capability to personalize funeral services.

Even though embalming is not required by law; Johnson Funeral Home is adept at embalming, which comes in handy when the body is to be viewed before burial or cremation. Special emphasis is also placed on holding traditional services for burial, entombment as well as cremation, since it forms the backbone of most family funeral service needs.

No two families will want the same type of funeral service and, the services may vary according to religious as well as cultural traditions, costs and also personal preferences. Johnson Funeral Home can provide simple, elaborate, public or private, religious or secular funeral services, as per the demands of the customer. Traditional funeral services are ideal for family and friends to express their grief and, also offer tributes in the way of flowers or memorials to churches or organizations. Johnson Funeral Home has the wherewithal as well as the resources to provide quality service, no matter the type of funeral service desired.