Flowers and Candles: Each a Beautiful Funeral Supply

Flowers and candles are unique, in that they are used for all different kinds of occasions, be they happy or sad. When it comes to funerals, flowers are a necessary funeral supply.

Ways that Flowers are Used as a Funeral Supply

Flowers are often given in memory of the loved one and sent to the funeral home during the wake. Various florist shops have specialized bouquets for use as funeral supplies, and they are typically placed at either end of the casket.

Another way that flowers are used as a funeral supply is in the form of a blanket over the casket during the service. This blanket is typically made out of roses, although other flowers can be used.

Sometimes flowers are chosen as a funeral supply because the deceased had a particular favorite. Placing the deceased's favorite flowers all around the area is a special way to pay tribute to the deceased.

Ways that Candles are Used as a Funeral Supply

Candles are always an important part of any church service, and the same is true of candles for funerals. Candles are symbolic in many ways. For example, by lighting a candle in the name of the deceased, you are saying a prayer for them.

Additionally, lighted candles can be symbolic of life, in that the flame shows the vibrancy of the soul. If the deceased is Eastern Orthodox, you can light a candle in a special vessel next to the gravestone as an act of remembrance.

Candles have many other different meanings. However, the candles that you will most likely see as a funeral supply will be white, as white is a symbol of remembrance and purity. Candles may be lighted as part of the religious aspect of the funeral, or candles may be lighted by loved ones as an act of remembrance.

The amount of candles that are used at the funeral will depend on the religious affiliation of the church that the funeral is being held in. If you are of no religious affiliation, then the amount of candles that are lighted will depend on various fire code laws.

For More Information

For more information on the different funeral supplies that can be used, you can search the internet. However, your most reliable source will be the funeral director. With the proper planning you are sure to have the most suitable funeral supplies present.