How Should A Good Funeral Sermon Be?

What is a funeral sermon? The funeral sermon is usually a eulogy that brings comfort to the deceased family and friends and reaffirms the belief in God and His promise of eternal life. While recognizing the deep grief that a family must be going through while loosing someone, an appropriate funeral sermon would kick start the healing process by reinforcing the words of God Himself as written in the Bible, that all who die go to Him for being redeemed and live happily ever after in His Kingdom in Heaven. If you would see your mother off to a far off land, where she would be exceedingly happy and well taken care of, would you grieve for her? No! At the best, you would miss her in various degrees, but in your heart of hearts, you would be at peace that she is alive and happy, though far away from you.

Then, why are we so aggrieved when our loved ones die? Is it because we are of weak faith? Is it because we are unable to internalize the words of the Bible where it clearly says that human beings will live forever through Jesus, in Heaven? Is it because the proof overwhelms our feelings and we cannot look beyond it?

Why Death Is Painful?

There is no right or wrong answers here - just the fact that the death of a dear one is excruciatingly painful and each one of us seek release from its clutches. The funeral sermon, if delivered well, could be the first step towards this purpose. What is said during the funeral sermon is very important and this is why the words should be chosen carefully and with deep regard to the living and their grief. Reinforcement in the words of God should be done at this time not as an evangelistic rally, but as a powerful support and help to reach eternal life. This should be a time when people can seek solace, comfort and hope; when they can be encouraged to believe that God offers all eternal life and that the deceased is now enjoying the promise of God.

The funeral sermon should also be as much personalized as possible. It should reflect the deceased life, beliefs, pains and joys of his/her life and overall personality. It should be a bridge to close the gap created amongst them through his/her demise. A good funeral sermon would be one which sounds and feels like a balm over a battered body and soul.