How to Create a Funeral Program

A funeral is a special event, and since it has several people as invitees, there is the need of creating a funeral program, which will state what events would take place at what time and place. The problem with the funeral ceremony is that it does not give you much time to plan or think, beside the fact that you are already overwhelmed with grief. This is the reason why most people request a close friend to look into the practical details of writing a funeral program, or they hand over the job to a professional funeral home.

What Does A Funeral Program Contain?

The funeral program is usually written in a certain style, just as wedding cards are written in a certain style. The following need t be included on the funeral program card/booklet:

1. The name of the person who passed away and his/her date of birth and death

2. The coordinates of the funeral services (give date, time, complete address, and phone number of the place where the funeral service will take place)

3. A photograph of the person who passed away

4. A small eulogy about the person's life

5. Often, family and friends would be asked to pay their tributes - on case you do so and have obtained their confirmation that they agreed to do so, and then put their eulogy along with the names in the funeral program as well. This is valid when these special people sing or play any instrument especially for the person who expired

6. A detailed timetable should be included which gives the time and place of each of the rites that make a funeral ceremony complete

7. Name the hymns that are to be sang and if possible mention the page number of the hymn book, so people can join in the singing easily

8. Information about sending of flowers and alternative donation information

9. If you are serving refreshments after the funeral ceremony, you may like to mention the same with time and location in a separate direction card and have a close friend(s) to distribute the same among those present at the funeral service

10. If you are providing transport, this too can be clearly mentioned in the direction card so people would make arrangements accordingly

Ensure that you assign someone to keep tracks of the flowers delivered so thank-you notes can be sent to him or her afterwards. You would also need to assign someone to keep track of the donations that are offered for the same purpose.