How Important Is The Funeral Music?

When a dear one departs in the family, you will go through a series of emotional upheavals - sorrow, despair, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, etc. The funeral ceremony that has to be arranged by you will make you realize that this is the last time you will do something for the deceased. This is the time, the family usually sit together and remembers what the deceased liked and disliked and try their best to make the funeral a deserving tribute to the departed soul. There are many things that need to be planned during and for a funeral. The funeral music is often overlooked and it is put in by the church or the cremation band as they see appropriate. This is okay, if the funeral music does not mean much to you or the deceased. However, if there were any particular music that was preferred by the departed person, it would be very nice to play it during the ceremony.

Sometimes, the funeral music is just a hymn or a prayer that matches the personality and/or feelings of the congregation. It is not always necessary that it should be something the deceased liked. It could just as well be a song, which has a deeper meaning, a healing message, a word of comfort and promise of God - anything that will help in the occasion.

Options for You to Consider

Many prefer songs such as 'Pie Jesu' or 'Wondrous love' or 'I'll fly away', which bring comfort to the heart both through words and through music. The words should also be apt for not only the occasion, but also match the deceased or it will become a mockery. This is why it is very important that someone who knew him chose the song/ poem/ or speech to the delivered during the last rites. There are still a good number of people who think that funeral music is a waste of money and do not want to get too deeply involved in it. For those who do not want any funeral music, it is fine. This is where the funeral director can earn his fee. He/she can find out about the deceased in as much detail as he can and then suggest some music to the bereaved family to approve.

The funeral director should be given standing instructions regarding what type of arrangements are required regarding flowers, regarding the funeral music, etc. Once the instructions are given, (ensure they are clear and as crisp as possible) the funeral director usually takes care of everything.