Remembering the Deceased: A Funeral Memorial

Someone that you love very much, be it a family member or a friend, has just passed away. The time will soon come for you and other loved ones to gather together and remember the person at a funeral memorial. If you have never been to a funeral memorial before, there are several ways that you can prepare.

About a Funeral Memorial

A funeral memorial is different than a funeral, in that a funeral has the casket of a loved one actually present, while a funeral memorial is without the casket present. There are several reasons why this kind of memorial might be held in place of a funeral.

The first reason a funeral memorial might be had in the place of a funeral is that it was the wish of the deceased. Funerals can be maudlin enough, and they did not want their casket present.

Another reason is that the person died in such a way, be it accident or illness, that made their body not fit to be seen in a wake situation. As such, the body would be buried in advance of the actual funeral, and after the funeral people could visit the place of burial if they wished.

Funeral memorials might also be held if the person is known to be deceased, but their body was not found. This often happens in the case of people who have been lost at sea, or soldiers.

While funerals are usually religious in some way and held in a church, funeral memorials may or may not be held in a church, depending on the religious affiliation of the deceased. Either way, there are some basic things that most funeral memorials will have.

In place of a casket, there is usually a large picture or portrait or the deceased in the front. This picture is often surrounded by flowers, or other pictures of the deceased.

At a memorial service, loved ones of the deceased will gather together and share their memories of the deceased in a eulogy format. If the person had a favorite song, that song might also be played in between each eulogy.

Some memorial services are held near the actual place of burial (if there was such a place). Others are held in such a way that loved ones can visit after the service. No matter how the memorial is conducted, it is a time of mourning and remembrance.